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Premium membership includes all of the following benefits for 12 monthly installment payments of $499 or more.

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Educational Workshops
  • Two FREE passes to every one of our educational workshops
  • Additional passes to any workshop are only $199 for a 1-day training and $299 for a 2-day training
  • 3 free conference registrations annually + $200 discount on additional registrations
  • 1 free hotel room for 2 nights annually
Online Programs
  • Unlimited access to Contracting Best Practices Platform
  • Unlimited access to HVAC Sales Academy
  • Unlimited access to EGIA webinars
  • Access to all standard member programs (separate enrollment and approval required for each)
  • Exclusive access to premium financing offerings that feature cash-back rebates for contractors
  • Discounted Business Products & Services
  • 12 monthly industry trend & best practices research reports
  • 1 consolidated annual report