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EGIA Contractor University

Technician Communication & Selling Workshop – by Russ Horrocks

March 22-23, 2017 – St. Louis, MO

This EGIA Contractor University technician communication and selling educational workshop starts with the principals of great customer service.  A technician is the primary face of the company and with proper communication training, the technician ultimately becomes the brand of the company and we’ll discuss the methods a technician can use to support a customer experience generating 5-stars reviews.  The “perfect service call” approach will be reviewed, breaking down the call into the 10 basic elements in selling success, including; no-cool & no-heat service repairs, pre-need service repairs, accessories items, service agreements and replacement equipment.  Most importantly, effective technician communication leaves the customer feeling positive about the technician interactive experience which creates great referrals.   Owners, service managers and technicians will all benefit from attending this class.

Event Details
Presenter Bio

March 22-23, 2017
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

St. Louis City Center Hotel
400 S 14th St
St. Louis, MO 63103
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Registration is $1500/person or free for Premium Members.

Cancellation Policy
The deadline to cancel your training registration without penalty is 15 days prior to the training start date. Registration cancellations received after the deadline will result in a cancellation fee equal to the ticket price of this workshop.

Russ Horrocks

Russ Horrocks

Vice President, HVAC Sellutions


Russ Horrocks emerged as one of the most successful Comfort Advisors in America in the mid-90’s. Russ quickly took to sharing his unique knowledge of buyer psychology with sales forces across the country. He turned his profession into a passion, educating and coaching in-home sales and service advisors to understand the critical skills necessary to achieve results far exceeding personal mindset limitations and corporate expectations.

Most trainers preach about product and process. Russ teaches and coaches his sales and service protégés not only about what to do in the home and how to do to it, but more importantly, why. Why leads to a purpose allowing the people his students serve to build a strong connection based on a position of trust, confidence, competence and credibility. When matched with the creative execution of a process built to work with human nature and how people want to buy, it yields explosive growth.

Having mastered the sales process, in 2011 Russ joined with business development specialist, Drew Cameron, as Vice President of HVAC Sellutions to help clients enhance the performance of their entire business, and transcend growing one person or department at a time. Together they work in the trenches with their clients in every facet of building successful home services businesses.

Clients embrace Russ’ detailed holistic approach to assessing a company’s people, present state and potential. Drawing a blueprint for success, he collaborates with clients onsite, online, and on-the-phone to achieve operational excellence with a hands-on strategic approach to growing people and implementing profit-based processes and systems. Clients benefit from Russ’ 20 years of knowledge and national experience, along with his relentless pursuit of building happy, effective, top-performing professionals and developing a culture of success and achievement.

Day 1 - Part 1:
Opening Remarks and Agenda Review
Day 1 - Part 2:
Seminar Objectives and Materials
Day 1 - Part 3:
Marketing Fundamentals / Preface
  • Overview of Traditional Marketing versus Marketing for Contractors
  • Define your Main Company Goals – Specific Company Goals
  • Define your Company Marketing Goals that Support Company Goals
  • Create a lead forecast – lead sources
  • The Marketing Model – marketing process for success
Day 1 - Part 4:
External Marketing - Marketing Plan Synergy – All Aspects of Your Company Marketing Working Together
  • Establishing Your Brand - Attributes
  • Establishing Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Establishing Advertising Objectives
  • Establishing Lead Tracking and Cost per Lead Expectations
  • Evaluating Advertising Effectiveness
  • Determining Lead Requirements and Assigning Responsibility
    • Internal Lead Generation Process
    • External Lead Generation Process
  • Choose Advertising Mediums to Maximize the Number of Leads
    • Research for Mediums
    • Demographics and Evaluating Media Choices by Data
  • Creating an External Media, Promotions & Advertising Calendar
Day 1 - Part 5:
Marketing Materials - Supporting Your Marketing Plan
  • Marketing for Service Leads
Day 1 - Part 6:
Introduction To Internal Marketing
  • Internal Communications and Culture – Defining for Employees
  • Training Platform
    • Identify skill sets required
    • Testing
    • Creating a Training Program
  • Performance Expectations – Defined Measurements and Role descriptions
    • Performance Evaluations
  • Setting Company Standards
  • Customer Feedback
Day 1 - Part 7:
Operational Marketing - Marketing Your Company Better -How to Implement & Execute Strategies
  • Growth Targets - Target Marketing – Choosing ROI Targets for Marketing Practices (Model)
  • Pricing Strategies and Methodologies – matching Brand Promise with Execution
  • Marketing to Existing Customers versus New Customers – Mix of Leads
  • Acquisition and tuck-in models
  • Establishing a Marketing Budget (ALL)
    • Internal – Operational – External
    • Align these with your business model – your goals- your strategies – your targets for growth
Day 2 - Part 8:
Service Agreement Approach and Lead Generation for Replacement
  • Types
  • Strategy
  • Metrics and Standards
  • Operational Formula
  • Technician Training Model, Compensation & Productivity
Day 2 - Part 9:
Develop Business Processes to Support Marketing Plan
  • Service Agreement Program / Support Material
  • Demand Service / Support Material
    • Flat Rate Program / Support Material
  • Technician Sales Lead Turnover / Support Material
    • $4K Rule
    • Repair Versus Replacement
    • Over 10 Program
  • Selling Processes / Support Materials
    • Credibility Book
    • Sales Support Material
  • Referral Programs
  • Builder Upgrade Program
Day 2 - Part 10:
Advertising & Media Planning for Contractors – creation of a media plan
  • Advertising Mediums and Media Planning
    • Broadcast Mediums
    • Print Mediums
    • Direct Marketing Mediums
    • Outdoor Reminder Mediums
    • Digital - Internet – Web Based Marketing –SEO/SEM/Rep Mgt/Social
    • Public Relations
    • Special Events Marketing
    • Sales Collateral Materials
  • Sales Collateral Materials
  • After the Sale Follow-Up Operational Process – Happy Calls
  • Consumer Premiums and Promotional Items
Day 2 - Part 11:
Complete overview of marketing strategies-tactics and action plans for your company
Day 2 - Part 12:
Finalize You Company Marketing Plan
Day 2 - Part 13:
Executing the Marketing Plan
Day 2 - Part 14:
Closing Comments
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