In today's marketplace, more and more homeowners are turning to financing as a method for paying for their home improvements. That is why we are proud to present the following industry leading financing programs that are designed to help you increase your sales and make it easier than ever before for your customers to afford their new installations.

SolPower Programs

SolPower Lease Program

This solar lease program is great for homeowners interested in worry-free lifetime system monitoring & maintenance, with zero down payment, predictable monthly payments & no dealer or home owner fees. Lessor monetize solar credits to lower the homeowner’s monthly payment.

Note: This program is only available for solar installations and to contractors in AZ, CA & HI

  • Incentives passed to homeowner in lower lease cost
  • Buyout option after the 6th year or at end of term
  • Lease can be paid off or assumed in the event of property sale
  • $0 down
  • 20 Year Term
  • Warranty, monitoring, & insurance coverage for term of lease.
  • Up to 20% upfront payment to reduce monthly payment
  • Option of zero annual escalator or a 2.9% annual escalator
SolPower Loan Program

This solar loan program is great for homeowners who want to own their solar system. Homeowners benefit from low monthly payments, 30% of the loan is interest and payment free for the first 12 months. With no money down and fixed rates, homeowners can maintain their energy costs while utility costs rise.

Note: This program is only available for solar installations and to contractors in AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, HI, OH, OR, MI, MN, NC, NJ, SC, TN, TX, WA, & UT.

  • Retail Installment Agreement - 30% held in interest-free (30% ITC)
  • Customer owns system and all tax and solar incentives directly
  • Fixed rates from 10 years at 1.99% to 20 years at 4.99%
  • Loan is unsecured and does not use customers home as collateral
  • Loan covers materials, installation & development up to 100%
  • 10, 12, 15 or 20 year terms
  • $0 down payment options
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Tax incentives can be held in a no interest, no payment balloon for 12 months
  • Equipment warranty & monitoring provided for loan term
  • Qualify with FICO scores to 640

Express Loan Program

This unsecured financing program is great for contractors new to financing. The customer application process is paperless and the funding is simple.

  • Unsecured installment loans to $45,000
  • Fixed APR promotions from 0%-6.99%
  • Terms to 12 years
  • No interest/no payment options to 24 months
  • No interest with equal monthly payment options available