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Consumer Financing Programs

In today's marketplace, more and more homeowners are turning to financing as a method for paying for their home improvements. That is why we are proud to present the following industry leading financing programs that are designed to help you increase your sales and make it easier than ever before for your customers to afford their new installations.

Installment+ Loan Program

Ideal for contractors who want to offer their customers the ability to make affordable monthly payments (or no payments at all) on their energy-efficient home improvement project up to $55,000 through a program with extended financing terms and competitive interest rates.

Program Highlights

  • Unsecured loans to $55,000
  • Terms to 12 years
  • Fixed APRs starting at 3.99%
  • No interest no payments options
  • No interest with minimum payments options
  • No interest equal payments options
  • Revolutionary paperless application process
  • Ability to target homeowners with preapproved credit

Enrollment Criteria

  • Satisfactory Credit for Business & Owners
  • Satisfactory Better Business Bureau Rating
  • Licensing & Insurance Required by Law
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Express Loan Program

The Express Loan Program is great for contractors new to financing. The customer application process is paperless and the funding and simple. This program gives the ability to offer low monthly payments and no interest / no monthly payment programs.

Program Highlights

  • Unsecured installment loans to $45,000
  • Fixed APR promotions from 0%-6.99%
  • Terms to 12 years
  • No interest / no payment options
  • No interest with equal monthly payment options
  • Close in home in minutes

Enrollment Criteria

  • 1 Year In Business
  • Net Worth of at Least $50,000
  • Satisfactory Credit For Business And Owners
  • Satisfactory Trade References
  • Licensing & Insurance As Required By Law
Download the Enrollment Kit

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The Consumer Finance Program is separately administered by EGIA (Electric & Gas Industries Association). This information is only a summary of current terms of the program. The program is subject to change at any time at Trible's or EGIA's decision. Please contact EGIA for full terms and conditions of the Consumer Finance Program.