In today's marketplace, more and more homeowners are turning to financing as a method for paying for their geothermal installations. That is why we have partnered with EGIA to provide EGIA membership to ICP dealers which includes access to EGIA's industry leading GEOSmart Financing Programs and additional member benefits that include world-class contractor training through EGIA Contractor University and more.

Geothermal Financing Options

Flex Loan Program

Access multiple programs with one call including installment payments, same-as-cash options, no equity 2nd mortgages as well as programs for credit challenged customers. No proof of income is needed on unsecured loans under $15,000. This is a great option for contractors who need a variety of solutions in one place.

Program Highlights

  • Finance up to $65,000 with bundled same-as-cash & installment "Combo Loans". 30% of project cost put on same-as-cash loan and remaining 70% on installment loan.
  • Staged Funding-Installment Portion Is Funded 50% up Front
  • Terms out to 20 Years
  • Fixed APR's as Low as 2.99%
  • Numerous No Interest & No Payment Options
  • Close in Home in Minutes
  • Secured "Second-Look" Options Available

Enrollment Criteria

  • $100,000 in Annual Sales or $50,000 in Net Worth
  • 1 Year in Business with Current Financials
  • Satisfactory Credit for Business & Owners
  • Satisfactory Trade References
  • Licensing & Insurance Required by Law

Express Loan Program

The Express Loan Program is great for contractors new to financing. The customer application process is paperless and the funding and simple. This program gives the ability to offer low monthly payments and no interest / no monthly payment programs.

Program Highlights

  • Finance up to $65,000 with bundled same-as-cash & installment "Combo Loans"
  • Fixed APR Promotions from 0%-6.99%
  • Terms to 12 Years
  • No Interest / No Payment Options
  • No Interest with Equal Monthly Payment Options
  • Close in Home in Minutes

Enrollment Criteria

  • 5 Years In Business *
  • Net Worth of at Least $50,000
  • Satisfactory Credit for Business and Owners
  • Satisfactory Trade References
  • Licensing & Insurance As Required By Law

* Time in business exceptions can be made for financially strong companies with good reputations.

Additional Financing Programs

Installment+ Loan Program

This program features a revolutionary paperless application process and the transaction with the customer is processed like a credit card.

  • Unsecured Installment Loans to $55,000
  • Fixed APR Promotions From 0% to 11.99%
  • Terms to 12 Years
  • Close in Home in Minutes
  • No Interest / No Payment Options for 6, 12 or 18 Months
  • No Interest With Payment Options for 6, 9, 12, 18 or 24 Months

Revolving Loan Program

This program allows homeowners to get an open line-of-credit with their chosen contractor that can fund current and future projects. This program features limited paperwork, easy funding and several different financing promotions.

  • Unsecured Financing up to $35,000 With Approved Credit
  • Special APR Promotions From 5.90% to 12.90%
  • Fixed Monthly Payments as Low as 1.75%
  • No Interest With Payment Options for 6-18 Months
  • No Interest With Equal Monthly Payment Options Available

Web Loan Program

This program is ideal for contractors who prefer to use a web-based financing platform and do not want to pay any merchant fees.

Note: This program is only available to contractors in California, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and Louisiana.

  • Repayment Amortizations Available up to a Full 15 Years
  • Consumer Rates Starting at Just 7.99% With No Dealer Fees
  • Easy to Use Online Application Submittal & Reporting
  • Loans Are Open With No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Loans Available From $1,000 - $30,000
  • Instant Online Approvals in Home or in Office
  • Co-Branded Direct Links From Your Website
  • Mobile Ready Application Available 24-7

Second Look & Supplemental Financing Program

Contractors can dramatically increase their financing approval rates by providing this financing solution to their customers who are unable to qualify for financing through the traditional residential financing programs available in the marketplace today.

  • Lines of Credit up to $10,000
  • No Annual or Monthly Fees
  • No Penalty APR Rates or Loss of Promotional Terms for Late Pays
  • 0% Deferred Interest for up to 12 Months Available
  • Repeat Purchase Capability

Commercial Financing Program

This program is ideal for commercial businesses who are looking to finance larger comprehensive upgrades to their facility. Offer this program to their commercial customers or use it to finance their own property improvements.

Note: The customer must own the commercial property in order to utilize this program.

  • Loans From $25,000 to $5 Million+
  • Loans Can Exceed $5 Million Based on Property Value and Company Financials
  • Fixed Interest Rate of 6% APR (2.75% Plus Prime)
  • Loan Terms of 5, 10, 15 or 20 Years
  • Progress Payments Available
  • Fixed 3% Dealer Fee on All Loans
  • Credit Decisions Within 48 Hours
  • Simple Online Application Process

Commercial Leasing Program

This program is ideal for commercial businesses who are looking to lease small and medium sized upgrades to their facility on a short-term of 5 years or less.

  • Lease Amounts Starting as Low as $5,000
  • Terms up to 60 Months
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Simple Credit Application & Fast Credit Turnaround
  • No Financial Statements Required for Projects Under $150,000

Working Capital Loan Program

This program offers short-term working capital for your own company through true business loans that can help build your business’ credit. It provides faster access to working capital and requires less paperwork than a bank loan.

  • Terms From 3 - 12 Months
  • Competitive Transparent Pricing With Fixed Daily Payments
  • Quick Application Process With Same-Day Approvals
  • Loans Are Funded Within 48 Hours With Money Direct Deposited Into Borrowers Account
  • Borrowers Are Eligible to Renew Their Loan for Additional Funds

For more information about any of these additional financing options available, call 844-725-6449.

EGIA Membership

Download and submit the EGIA Membership Application for ICP dealers, to gain access to these great member benefits that are designed to help you grow your business and become more profitable.