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High Tech Toolbox –
Industry Software for Contractors

Originally presented on Thursday, April 21, 2011
11:00-12:30pm Pacific (2:00-3:30pm Eastern)

High Tech Toolbox introduces contractors to the latest computer software, digital devices and must have gadgets. The right software can save you time, money and effort by streamlining processes, organizing information and automating functions. Performance contracting, building science and energy efficient design all rely on digital tools like contractors rely on hand tools. Gain insight into computer software and systems designed for construction and with you in mind.

Who should attend? This web-based session is designed to be attended by owners, senior management, sales and marketing staff, office managers, and other key employees with companies focused on Home Performance and other residential and small commercial remodeling, replacement and contracting services.

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Stephen Quirk, Chief Operating Officer, Interplay Energy

Interplay Energy

Doug Donovan, CEO, Interplay EnergySteve is COO and Co-Founder of Interplay Energy and is responsible for product development at the company. Previously, Steve was Senior Vice President of Greener Dawn Residential where he helped build out the online education platform. His former investment banking and research background includes covering chemical and industrial companies at Morgan Stanley, heading up research at Alder Capital, a boutique investment firm, and covering the solar, bio-fuel and energy efficiency markets for the Greener Dawn Investment Group. Steve holds a B.A. in Economics and a B.A. in History from the University of Virginia.

Greg Thomas, President & CEO, Performance Systems Development

Performance Systems Development

Greg Thomas, President and CEO, Performance Systems DevelopmentGregory Thomas has thirty years' experience in building performance, as a consultant, trainer, heating contractor, home performance contractor, director of an energy service company, energy and green building conference planner, as well as an energy program designer, implementer, and energy software developer. He built a blower door and started offering whole house audits in 1979. Greg was the first blower door trainer for the low income weatherization programs in Pennsylvania and New York.

Adam Winter, Senior VP of Building Science, Recurve


Adam Winter, Senior Vice President of Building Science, RecurveAdam Winter is Senior Vice President of Building Science & Co-Founder of Recurve. He is a systems thinker and is inspired by the challenge of bringing the best sustainable housing concepts to the urban and suburban environments to effect massive change in our existing housing stock. Adam's goal is to reduce America's energy budget by one percent by bringing residential energy upgrades to scale in a profitable, market based fashion.

In the early days of Recurve (formerly Sustainable Spaces) Adam ran the operations and brought innovation and process to the retrofitting business and Net Zero Energy projects. Today he is responsible for porting much of that learning over into the Recurve Software platform to enable Home Performance Contractors to thrive, and the industry to scale. Fortunately he lives across the street from the office.

Adam graduated from the University of British Columbia with a degree in Renewable Resource Management and was a consultant in British Columbia, Canada where he specialized in watershed restoration.

Byron Burns, Optimiser Energy

Optimiser Energy

Byron Burns, Optimiser EnergyByron is Director of Software Services at EnergyLogic in Berthoud, Colorado. Byron is a Home Energy Rater and BPI Building Analyst. He is a mechanical engineer by training and works to promote energy efficiency in the built environment.


Peter Troast, Founder & CEO, Energy Circle

Energy Circle

Peter Troast,  Founder/CEO, Energy CirclePeter is founder and CEO of EnergyCircle PRO, a web and marketing platform for home performance businesses that includes a powerful but easy to use website management system, content specific to residential energy efficiency and a growing array of tools to improve marketing and drive better leads. He is an acknowledged thought leader on the topic of online marketing through his Energy Circle PRO blog and newsletter, and a passionate but practical student of high-impact social media for the home performance category.

Moderator: Stephen Michael Self, Vice President, Electric & Gas Industries Association

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