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Developing Listening Skills To Increase Sales


Thursday, November 18, 2010,
11:00-12:30pm Pacific (2:00-3:30pm Eastern)

Would you rather your prospective customers feel that they have been educated and helped through a decision process – or feel like they were sold a scheme? This Leadership Academy Web Exchange will teach you to use strategic questions to discover whether and why your customer should buy and then present your proposed solution based on the needs, priorities, and preferences of that specific customer. Learn why people say yes, no and "I need to think about it", and help your sales people become more comfortable with the selling process. Put your company in the position to win business on value instead of trying to compete on price.

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Who should attend? Anyone who is involved in selling products, services, or solutions to homeowners would benefit from attending this Leadership Academy Web Exchange. The content is based on proven consultative selling concepts, skills, techniques, and tools applied specifically to the in-home and selling process and is particularly appropriate for those promoting energy audits and the resulting opportunities to impact a home's performance, appearance, energy efficiency, and environmental impact. The presentations, discussions, exercises, and application tools are designed to support those who, although not professional sales people, repeatedly find themselves in a selling role and will also benefit professional sales people and sales managers regardless of their experience levels.

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Jay Gentry, President of Con-Com-T, Inc.

Jay Gentry has over 30 years of experience as a Marketing and Sales consultant to American businesses. In 1980 Mr. Gentry founded Con-Com-T, Inc. (, a sales and marketing consulting firm and since then has worked extensively with leading companies in the building products and home improvement industries. His customers include Louisiana Pacific where he developed and taught the entire sales curriculum for their specialties division, Associated Materials Inc. where he developed and implemented marketing programs, tools, and sales curriculum for company stores, independent distributors, and their customer network of thousands of dealers, and Window World Inc. where he developed their franchise owner training system including all elements of marketing, in home selling, sub-contractor management, and business systems (200+ stores sold over 1,000,000 replacement windows in 2009).

Mr. Gentry has created and facilitated Customer Advisory Councils and Customer Listening Events for the above companies (and others) so that they can better understand and support their customers – home improvement contractors, remodelers, craftsmen, builders, architects and specifiers. With his passion for sustainable lifestyles Mr. Gentry has begun offering consulting to the Home Performance industry. He is committed to helping clients in finding more prospects, discovering homeowner problems and priorities, and selling more jobs.

Patrick M. "Pat" Culpepper, Founder and President, Progressive Foam Technologies

Pat Culpepper has been involved with the EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam industry since the mid 1970's. In 1992 he founded Progressive Foam Technologies, Inc., an Ohio corporation dedicated to the successful commercialization of innovative building products that deliver exceptional value to homeowners.

Progressive Foam Technologies developed the techniques of profile-cutting and shape-molding EPS foam insulation and integrating it with exterior cladding materials, thus inventing insulated siding. Today PFT is the sole supplier of EPS insulation to insulated vinyl siding that is factory laminated, and the primary manufacturer of shape matched insulation designed to be field applied with siding. They serve the mid-west from their 80,000 sq. ft. facility in Ohio and have licensees across the US and Canada to reduce the environmental impact of reaching regional markets.

Mr. Culpepper is on the Board of Directors of the EPS Molders Association and the Vinyl Siding Institute. Progressive Foam Technologies is leading the integration of insulated siding as a contributing element in the thermal performance of exterior walls. He will present some of the tools that they are developing to educate home performance industry professionals and communicate with homeowners regarding the appropriate inclusion of insulated siding as a part of home performance upgrades.

Jon Gillette, Co-owner and Vice President, Window Worlds of St. Louis, Kansas City, and Columbia, MO

Jon Gillette entered the home improvement business in 2003 when he and his partner opened their first Window World store in St. Louis, MO. In September of this year they sold over 7,000 windows out of their three Missouri locations, and they are on track to reach their goal of 50,000 windows in 2010. Nearly all of the windows they sell qualify as high performance, energy efficient solutions for their customers.

Despite the fact that Jon's 24 sales professionals are usually up against 2 or more competitors, they consistently win around 60 percent of the time. This outstanding close ratio is nearly twice the industry average and Jon credits their sales process… ask questions, understand the homeowner's motivations, then present… as a key factor in their success.

Jon recognizes that the future of the home improvement industry should, and will be largely based on delivering measurable gains in energy efficiency. He is already investing in appropriate BPI certifications for employees and exploring alliances with local insulation and HVAC contractors. His plan is to have his stores capable of providing home energy audits and performing the recommended work… including the installation of high performance windows.

He will present on the questioning approach that delivers the high winning percentage – and how that high close ratio impacts his business model.

Moderator: Stephen Michael Self, Vice President, Electric & Gas Industries Association

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