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NOLA Wise Energy Home Makeover Contest
Sponsor Planning Meeting

NOLA Energy Home Makeover Contest

Originally presented on Friday, February 17, at 11am Central / 9am Pacific


On behalf of Global Green USA and Green Coast Enterprises, we are pleased to invite you to our re-launch Stakeholder Meeting for the NOLA Wise Home Energy Makeover Contest! Funded by the Department of Energy and the City of New Orleans, NOLA Wise is a city-wide program designed to build the green economy in New Orleans while making energy efficiency upgrades simple and affordable for homeowners.

For our Home Energy Makeover Contest, launching on March 2, homeowners will compete to win two prize packages with about $10,000 in energy efficiency improvements. Sponsors receive recognition in promotional materials, product placement, and website coverage.

Your expertise and involvement can increase this contest's impact and make it a great success. Please see below for more information.

When: Originally presented on Friday, February 17, at 11am Central / 9am Pacific

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Objectives for the Meeting:

Contest Description:

This Home Energy Makeover Contest will be conducted in NOLA neighborhoods to enhance energy efficiency program awareness among consumers in an innovative manner and immediately engage participating contractors and sponsors. Plans are for all homeowners who live in the Orleans parish to be eligible to enter, with two (2) winning homes selected to receive "home energy" makeover packages. To implement the contest, NOLA WISE will partner with sponsoring organizations to present a contest in which two homes that can demonstrate the greatest potential for home energy savings will be awarded a prize package of energy-related home improvements worth up to $10,000 or more. The home improvement bundles will be determined based on an extensive energy evaluation of the home and other criteria to be determined. Consideration will be based on an analysis of the homeowners' total energy bill over the last 12 months, and other criteria such as which homes would provide the best showcase of a complete, cost-effective, home performance energy efficiency and toward net zero energy retrofit. Contest entry forms and rules will be distributed online and through contest sponsors.

Why This Contest Works:

Anyone who has watched the home makeover reality television shows knows what a significant promotional opportunity this could be for those who provide home improvement services and products. Similar Home Energy Makeover Contests conducted nationwide have proven to be an innovative way to motivate home owners with higher-than-average home energy costs to save by making the "right" home energy improvements. Unlike other well-known contests, this is not a random drawing or a hard luck story. Rather, this Home Energy Makeover Contest will be based on building science and homeowner efforts while leveraging the existing program infrastructure. For examples of past efforts, see www.egia.org/makeovercontest

Who Should Be A Contest Sponsor?

We are looking for reputable companies and organizations to provide financial and in-kind program support. Sponsor organizations may include:

All types of sponsor participation will be considered, but in particular, we are looking for donations of: central space heating and air conditioning systems; air sealing and insulation; solar and conventional water heating systems; windows and doors; lighting; and appliances, home improvement/furnishing retailers and other businesses promoting sustainable products and services.

Standard Contest Promotion Activities

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To LEARN MORE about similar contests nationwide, visit:  http://www.egia.org/makeovercontest