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Transforming Financial Statements into Management Tools

Friday, June 10, 2011
11:00-12:30pm Pacific (2:00-3:30pm Eastern)

In today's consumer climate, smart home improvement contractors are shaping their financial management strategy in order to enhance staff accountability and business profitability. This session focuses on how highly successful home improvement business owners can thrive. Topics include: implementing a more comprehensive business model, understanding the ways in which business owners are using financial benchmarks to make decisions, and the steps needed to execute a highly successful strategy in 2011 and beyond.

Bonus: All registrants with receive a Budget Template applicable to all types of home improvement businesses. Users can import their current Profit and Loss data into the spreadsheet and set their entire year's budget. Just as importantly, users can perform "what if" scenarios before they make a financial decision regarding expansion strategies.

Who should attend? This web-based session is designed to be attended by owners, senior management, sales and marketing staff, office managers, and other key employees with companies focused on Home Performance and other residential and small commercial remodeling, replacement and contracting services.

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Jack Nagy, Desert Consultants

Desert Consultants

Jack Nagy, Desert ConsultantsJack has a unique and exemplary history in the HVAC industry. With over three decades of hands on experience at the contractor, distribution, and corporate levels, Jack's perspective is empathetic to the real-world challenges facing today's contractor and informed by his expertise in the total sales and supply chain. He talks straight and has the ability to simplify business functions to their core. Jack began his profession in the HVAC industry working for his father's heating and cooling company in New York City. In subsequent years Jack earned a degree in electrical engineering as well as an MBA. Prior to starting his own company, Jack's last 14 years were in the Trane organization where he was quickly promoted to Sales Leader and eventually DSO Leader. His demonstrated successes and ability to apply his business acumen in various markets continued to post year over year growth at a staggering rate. Jack was awarded the position of DSO leader for the Trane corporate office in the Southwest. Combining his industry expertise and his fresh perspective on marketing, advertising, and lead generation, Jack changed the game for Trane and the market grew exponentially. Under Jack's leadership, sales increased over 400% in four years!

Matt Plughoff, Desert Consultants

Desert Consultants

Matt Plughoff, Desert ConsultantsMatt Plughoff earned a Master's Degree in Literature and Education before joining the HVAC industry. He was a state certified teacher and college professor in Washington State. After leaving public education, Matt was one of four principal authors of the Trane Comfort Specialist manual: a business development guide designed to grow HVAC companies from start-up to a multimillion dollar threshold. At the contractor level, Matt has been a commercial and residential installer, sales person, and General Manager for a company generating over 15 million dollars a year in revenue. He has published articles in Contracting Business Magazine and The News, and was a top performing Territory Manager at the Independent Wholesale Distributor and corporate levels before joining Desert Consultants.

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